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Denim Modelling
Beginning of the brand-specific production process.
Sample Approval Process
Sample production and approval process of the requested products.
Starting Production
The experienced SMF Textile team carries out production at high standards.
The completed products are delivered ready to be shipped.

SMF Textile: Elevating Denim Craftsmanship with Sustainable Ingenuity

SMF Textile stands out as a leading denim textile company in Turkey, distinguished by its high-quality production infrastructure and environmentally conscious approach. Solidifying its position in the global denim market, our company takes the lead in sustainable production with integrated facilities incorporating innovative technologies. SMF Textile continues to be a reliable partner for global brands, offering top-tier denim textile solutions.

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The Leading Textile Manufactuer inSince 2003

Since more than 20 years, SMF is operating in the textile market manufacture. As years go by, the range of produced denims has been increased, besides the regular production became the largest exporter.


Modeling and preliminary preparation process for the desired order.


Sample production and accessory selections.

Quality Denim Production

Our experienced team produces with the desired features and quality standards.

Quality Control & Delivery

Packaging and delivery process along with quality control processes.